OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS


PRESIDENT:                        Alexander de Araya, Soshi 8th dan      AUSTRALIA
SECRETARY GENERAL:    Sensei Morne Slabbert

      EUROPE DIRECTOR:         Sensei  Robert Dumitrescu  Sandan,      ROMANIA
ASIA DIRECTOR:               Shihan   Laxmikant Sarang    Nanadan    INDIA
S AMERICA DIRECTOR:    Sensei  Javier Rodriguez      Godan        CHILE
SL SHIBU-CHO:                  Sensei  Asoka Nissanka       Rokudan     SRI LANKA
AFRICA DIRECTOR:          Sensei   Morne Slabbert         Yondan        SOUTH AFRICA

The KKOGK represents a small but dedicated group of people, who in turn represents their own countries by way of belonging in an Association which does not discriminate on the bases of grades, money or entitlements.

This Association, does not seek individuals whose only pursue is to obtain a new Rank, or promotion whatever the cost. We prefer those who are genuinely seeking the path of knowledge by sharing their expertise with each other to create a solid foundation to their own systems of self defence.

We are not interested in how many Black belts you have, the number of students you have, or the many Tournaments you may have won. We are interested in your knowledge, and the principles that guide you through the path of Martial arts.

Our path is Goju Ryu Karate, and we follow the teachings of our Masters regardless of the many changes occurring of late. Safeguarding the traditions and values of yesteryear, is worth more than fancy Dojos and colourful belt systems.

If you have what we need and you are in search of a "home" to call you own, we may have what you are looking for, and cost nothing to belong! If on the other hand you fancy a piece of paper signed by people nobody knows, there are many so called Federations that will send you one for a few hundred dollars, and good luck!